Data Potential:
Success Stories

Discover our case studies: how our tailored solutions have propelled businesses to new heights, turning complex data challenges into success stories.

Israeli Flavors

Israeliflavors.com is a treasure trove of authentic Israeli recipes, cooking tips, and insights into the rich cultural tapestry that influences Israeli cuisine. Powered by our community of food enthusiasts, we created a custom-tailored website to bring the taste of the Mediterranean to your table. Let our website be your passport to a delicious adventure through the vibrant world of Israeli gastronomy!

DataDots stands behind the development and captivating design of Israeliflavors.com. Integral in shaping Israeliflavors.com’s journey from a budding concept to a full-fledged service, DataDots’ expertise is imprinted in every aspect of the platform, from the initial brand identity to the intuitive UI/UX design and development.


Winday is a dynamic online platform that revolutionises the traditional raffle experience, offering users the exhilaration of chance with the convenience of digital accessibility. Specialising in curated bundles, Winday allows participants to select from an array of themed ticket packages, spanning from the latest tech gadgets to exclusive fashion finds.

DataDots stands behind the development and captivating design of Winday. Integral in shaping Winday’s journey from a budding concept to a full-fledged service, DataDots’ expertise is imprinted in every aspect of the platform, from the initial brand identity to the intuitive UI/UX design and development, culminating in the successful launch of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). With DataDots’ innovative touch, Winday is poised not just to enter the market but to set a new standard for online raffle experiences.


Initially conceived as a simple application for cryptocurrency users, the project was undertaken by DataDots to construct entirely from scratch. This involved the development of the architecture, UI/UX design, cloud solution, and coding for the backend, in addition to several databases, the application itself, and the back office.

Leveraging the extensive potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, SendCrypto aims to provide swift, uncomplicated, and cost-effective transactions and financial services to individuals across the globe.

10Bet KYC

As one of top-tier international online gaming company with an impressive track record spanning over 18 years, 10Bet were in pursuit of an innovative, player-centric sports and casino betting site that would leave a lasting impact.

DataDots resulted in the seamless delivery of a tailor-made KYC management tool. This tool granted the agents secure and convenient access to sensitive data and documentation. What made this project remarkable was the collaborative effort it entailed, including engagement with third-party stakeholders. Success was the only option, and with meticulous project planning, accurate estimations, and the invaluable experience of both 10Bet team and DataDots, we knew it would be achieved.

TouchPoint Digital

TouchPoint Digital is a specialised performance marketing agency that focuses on paid traffic campaigns with expertise in working with Facebook, TikTok, and other major social media platforms.

DataDots began the project by collaborating with the client to define the product and designing the UI/UX according to their specific needs. Once the product was defined and the screen designs were finalised, we proceeded to build the infrastructure and cloud solution. Our engineers were able to complete the coding of APIs, backend, databases, and back-office presentation, ensuring the timely delivery of the final product.


Avatrade is a leading online trading platform that enables individuals to trade a wide range of financial instruments, including currencies, commodities and stocks.

DataDots successfully helped them to optimise their SQL Server usage, resulting in a reduction of unnecessary licences and significant cost savings. By streamlining their infrastructure, Avatrade now operates with greater efficiency and increased profitability.
This successful partnership between DataDots and Avatrade demonstrates our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.

System Architecture

Designing and planning a computer system or software application’s overall structure, components, and interactions, while identifying and proposing solutions for potential issues and risks. It includes

System Architecture service ensures that the system’s design and structure meet the desired requirements and objectives, while also ensuring its functionality, reliability, and security.