Why DataDots?

Our commitment to providing top-notch software delivery services is the reason why we are called DataDots. By connecting the dots for our clients, we empower them to succeed and remain competitive in the dynamic digital environment.

Our story

DataDots began as a data engineering company and evolved into an innovative end-to-end software delivery service provider. Our solutions are tailored to meet each client’s unique needs, and we’re committed to delivering high-quality results on time. We prioritise customer satisfaction and empower our clients to stay ahead in the digital landscape. Choose DataDots for strategic advantage and a trusted ally in software development.



Our founder

CEO & Co-founder

Shlomi Shaar has a proven track record of solving enterprise data challenges to drive the success of global organizations. Since 2011, Shaar has led global R&D data engineering teams as an executive member working closely with the founders of global companies.

Shaar has built his reputation as an executive data engineer and R&D specialist reaching the top through hard work at 888, Amdocs, WilliamHill, SBTech, and Draftkings. In his latest venture, Shaar has established DataDots and is spearheading its remarkable growth as a globally expanding company. DataDots specializes in providing cutting-edge R&D and data platform solutions to clients operating in regulated markets within the USA and the EU.

System Architecture

Designing and planning a computer system or software application’s overall structure, components, and interactions, while identifying and proposing solutions for potential issues and risks. It includes

System Architecture service ensures that the system’s design and structure meet the desired requirements and objectives, while also ensuring its functionality, reliability, and security.